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Custom Plush Toys Manufacturing

Custom Plush Toys Manufacturing

& Personalized Stuffed Plush

& Personalized Stuffed Plush

Plush toy manufacturer, we realize of

all kinds of customized plush* conform with CE standards :

cuddly, stuffed animal, stuffed object, character plush, etc.

*Minimum order : 500 pieces

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Peluche Sur Mesure, by Ma-Mascotte.com it’s…

[:fr]Peluche Sur Mesure 100% personnalisable[:en]100% customizable custom plush[:]

100% Customizable

Custom Plush has the expertise and flexibility to imagine, design and manufacture plush in a wide variety of materials, shapes and colors. Your plush will be as you like and the only limit is your imagination!

[:fr]Peluche Sur Mesure normes CE[:en]CE standards custom plush[:]

CE Standards Plush

We guarantee that all our plush are CE and EN 71-1,2,3. These regulations ensure that your Custom Plush meets current safety standards and can be sell throughout Europe.

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Quote in 24h

Our Custom Plush Service can offer you an answer to your needs in 24 hours only.

[:fr]Exemple de fabrication de peluches sur mesure. Fabrication Peluche Sur Mesure.[:en]Examples of custom made plush toys manufacturing. Advertising custom made plush toy creation.[:]

Professionals, advertising and marketing agencies and associations we answer  your requests of custom plush toys within 24h.

The minimum order for custom plush manufacturing is 500 pieces. All stuffed toys meet CE standards and can be sold.

We create your custom plush from your illustrations (sketches, drawings, models, …). We graphically create your custom plush initially then we realize the prototype.

The cost creation including the graphic design and the prototype delivered to you is 200€ ; this amount is deductible for the mass production.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Creation steps of your custom plush

[:fr]Étape 1 création Peluche Sur Mesure[:en]Custom plush step 1 creation[:]

Step 1

Study of your project and quotation.

You submit us your ideas, your desires, your constraints, and we help you to refine your Custom Plush project!

[:fr]Étape 2 création Peluche Sur Mesure[:en]Custom Plush step 2 creation[:]

Step 2

Realization of the design for your plush (front, back and profile).

Our graphic designer draws your custom plush in different forms to define them with you !

[:fr]Étape 3 création Peluche Sur Mesure[:en]Custom plush step 3 creation[:]

Step 3

Confection of the plush prototype.

We manufacture a prototype of the final shape of the plush, which will be delivered to your address within 7 days!

[:fr]Étape 4 création Peluche Sur Mesure[:en]Custom plush step 4 creation[:]

Step 4

Validation of the plush prototype.

After reviewing the quote and the prototype, we validate with you the specifications of your custom plush. Attention, following this step no modification can be made !

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Step 5

Mass production of the custom stuffed plush.

Now, the production of your plush can begin, which takes on average 30 to 45 days depending on the number of plush to manufacture. Your custom plush, as you can imagine, will be delivered free of charge!

Custom Plush Price :

From 2.60€ / piece

(depending on the size, complexity and quantity)

“And if we created a children’s plush factory for bears ?

Patrick Sébastien (2001)

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